Soy wax candle │300ml │LOVE POTION

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Sustainable and handmade
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Decken-Teppiche-Kissen online kaufen


Decken-Teppiche-Kissen online kaufen


Decken-Teppiche-Kissen online kaufen


Fragrance Type: Floral

Top Notes: Cherry Blossom

Heart Notes: Patchouli & Lemongrass

"Romantic aroma of cherry blossoms slowly falling from the sakura trees, forming a soft carpet of blossoms on the grass, mingling with the subtle scent of spicy patchouli and fresh's truly a love potion in a candle with a magical Fragrance that will fill your home with love!"



  • soy wax
  • cotton wick
  • 100% natural essential oils: cherry blossom, patchouli, lemongrass and a touch of love
  • Weight: 245g


This handcrafted candle is made by us using eco-friendly, vegan and non-toxic ingredients. It is a perfect and better alternative to a synthetic scented candle. Why soy wax? Soywax is a great alternative to beeswax that not only saves the bees so important to our ecosystem, but also doesn't give off toxic fumes when burning like paraffin-based candles would. Also, soy wax is very easy to wash off with warm water, and after the candle is used up, the candle jar can be reused for personal use, helping to reduce waste and protect the environment. We only use 100% natural essential oils for the fragrance, giving you a relaxing aromatherapy experience.

What can you expect when you burn this candle? It is made with natural essential oils and no additives, so the scent is very natural and non-irritating. The cotton wick allows for an even, smoke-free burn. An uplifting and relaxing aromatherapy experience awaits you from specially selected essential oils with a dominant, romantic-floral cherry blossom scent and a hint of spicy, earthy patchouli and fresh lemongrass, which will fill your ambience with a unique, seductive fragrance.



  • Cherry blossom : relaxing
  • Patchouli : relaxing
  • Lemongrass : uplifting



Do not leave the candle unattended or near flammable materials!

Please do not let it burn for more than 4 hours.



For even combustion:

  • Trim the wick to about 1/4 inch each time the candle burns.
  • Allow the candle wax to melt completely. After lighting, only blow out the candle when the top layer of wax has melted throughout.

Note: Candles made with essential oils have a less strong fragrance than synthetic candles with scented fragrances.

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