Throw blankets

Living Multicultural throw blankets and bedspreads will not only help you to transform your space and give authentic style, but also will give you comfort and warmth on snuggly days! ...Organic cotton blankets in different styles like boho, ethnic, minimalistic or modern with different patterns and colors are there for your unique taste ands style. Mix of patterns and textures of a blanket creates that effortless, casual feel that will help you to make your home extra cozy and inviting. Throw is a must-have among home accessories and make your space more homely. Mix and match different home textiles from our shop to create something unexpected and unique. Take a look at our throw blanket collection and find your perfect blanket. You will definitely be surprised by the high quality and authentic look of our blankets that were fairly and ethically made by skilled artisans from eco friendly organic materials.

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