Living Multicultural is home for exclusive and artistic rugs. Here you will be able to find handmade rugs for your unique taste and sense of style, ... enrich your home with colors, patterns and textures so that you can create an eclectic ambience full of diversity, art and a lot of different cultures. If you want to purchase chic, one of a kind, high quality rug- you are at the right place! Besides, you do not need to worry if your purchase is ethical - all of our products are fairly handcrafted from vegan materials and packed in a plastic-free packaging! Our uniquely designed rugs in bohemian style can bring new life into any space from bohemian to modern or Scandinavian. Living Multicultural rugs stand out through bright and colorful blend of multicultural elements, styles, and motifs that create a distinct, free-spirited appeal. We warmly welcome you to our home decor enthusiasts community and where we are your guide and place where you can find home decor pieces that are beautiful, meaningful and ethical. Shop at Living Multicultural, our online decoration store, and discover the handcrafted, modern carpets online that will spice-up your rooms with a lot of personality.

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