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Thank you for visiting our About Us page and for wanting to learn more about us and Living Multicultural. The Living Multicultural team consists of us four friends - Harpal, Ernesta, Julija and Parth. Harpal and Parth are from India, and Ernesta and Julija are from Lithuania. Before we came to Germany, each of us lived in several countries. Living in different countries has given us the opportunity to discover and understand how beautiful different cultures can be.

Living Multicultural is about welcoming and valuing diverse cultures from around the world through the art of home decoration. It is simply wonderful to discover and learn about the rich artworks and traditional designs of different cultures and to be able to share this beauty with you. We hope that this will also give you the opportunity to see and understand the beauty of other cultures and appreciate their traditional works of art.

Our vision

We want to inspire people to bring authentic living into their homes with exotic home decor that tells a story. We believe that traditional artisans are storytellers who express their culture through their craftsmanship. The art of traditional handwork is passed from generation to generation to preserve the cultural heritage that reflects the values, beliefs and aspirations of national identity. The deep meaning behind each piece of art brings a soulful feel to your home.

Our logo

We believe that regardless of our background or culture, we all have the same roots and are ultimately connected. We are divided into hundreds of countries around the world, but at the end of the day we all come from the same planet Earth - and that's what our logo represents: the world map, connected and united with a collection of nodes in the shape of a tree and branches representing be held by his strong tribe.

One of our main goals is sustainability

Another important aspect for us is sustainability. As much as we are interested in cultures and their works of art, we also care about our planet. That's why we have chosen the path to a more sustainable future by only offering eco-friendly and vegan items. This means that we use fabrics that are made from natural materials and that we also try to use recycled materials whenever possible.

We know that as a company it is almost impossible not to leave a carbon footprint, but we want to do our best to reduce and minimize it as much as possible. We have already taken the first crucial steps by completely replacing single-use plastic packaging and introducing biodegradable packaging. We know that we are far from perfect, but we constantly strive to work towards environmental protection and sustainability.

So what exactly is Living Multicultural about?

We want to offer you unique decorative items from different cultures by supporting small manufacturers and artisans who keep their tradition and history alive through their craftsmanship. We are also very interested in creating our own designs inspired by different cultures and making handmade products ourselves that we can share with you. At the same time we support and improve the environment and spread positivity and love along the way :)


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