Soy wax candles

Living Multicultural natural soy wax candles create homely fragrance with pure essential oils and are intended for meditation, yoga, before sleep or for spending cozy time at home. ...Our candles do not just smell amazing but are also an eyecatcher and aesthetically pleasing. Hand made from 100% natural ingredients and hand drawn with intricate designs these candles can transform your space into an oasis of well-being within a second. Buy it for yourself or gift it. It makes a perfect gift for so many different occasions, such as housewarming, birthdays, newlyweds, bridal showers, Christmas, Mother’s day, anniversary, and more. Naturally scented candles with a light aroma of lavender, sandalwood or rose can make anyone more relaxed and happy. More fresh aromas like eucalyptus or orange can have a stimulating and uplifting effect and help to become awake and motivated to take an action. We believe candles must not harm your health or environment- therefore we carefully selected only natural ingredients that are non toxic to your home or our planet Earth.

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