We Donate

Did you know that millions of acres of forest land gets cleared out per year all over the world illegally for cattle pasture, valuable hardwood, housing space, farming space, road works, medicine and human gain? This has resulted in significant climate changes, loss of animal biodiversity and a great disturbance in the natural balance of ecosystems. 

We, as "Living Multicultural" have a mission to undo these damages and restore our planet's health. We have already taken the first step towards this by signing up to donate to an organization called Project Greenhands. For each purchase we receive, a donation is made from our profits to Project Greenhands to plant one tree. 


Project GreenHands (PGH) is a grassroots ecological initiative established by Isha Foundation, which aims to take corrective measures to increase the green cover, restore soil health and manage natural resources appropriately. They have planted 35 millions trees so far and are still counting! 

Their Vision: To inspire people to plant trees, develop a culture of care towards the environment and re-establish their connection with nature

Their Mission: To increase the green cover of Tamil Nadu by 10% in order to reverse desertification, reduce soil erosion, restore self-sufficiency, recreate sustainability and survive climate change.

Through education, agro-forestry initiatives and most importantly, community participation, they aim to provide the necessary inspiration and support to plant 114 million trees in the shortest span of time possible.


Sadhguru - founder of Isha Foundation planting a tree

To learn more about Project Greenhands and their ongoing projects, please visit www.ishaoutreach.org/en/project-greenhands