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Why buy handmade?
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Why buy handmade?

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1. Manufactured in small batches

Our handcrafted products are not made in a factory or large manufacturing facility. Products manufactured in smaller quantities produce less waste and are sold according to consumer needs rather than being pushed by extremely low prices.

2. Each handmade product is unique.

Unlike mass-produced products, handmade products often have unique differences. No one around the world will have the exact same item, and that's pretty unique!

3. Handmade supports artisans in rural areas.

Artisans who practice their traditional crafts and live in rural areas find it particularly difficult to continue their craft and compete with mass-production companies.

4. Handmade things stand the test of time

Do you remember the time you bought something that lasted a very long time? Handmade products are made from a material that stands the test of time and the changes are that you will keep them for a long time.

5. There is a story behind every product.

Each handmade product has its own story. We and our artisans put a lot of time and effort into creating something that is unique, beautiful and made just for you.



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